MEGGITT: New attitude and dynamic tilt sensor

Meggitt, a leading supplier of vibration sensing products, introduces its attitude and dynamic tilt sensor. Fully based on MEMS technology, Meggitt’s breakthrough device integrates one accelerometer and one gyrometer on all three axes, X,Y and Z.

The combination of signals obtained from each of the 6 sensitive elements is routed through a central processing unit that samples, compensates and calibrates the raw sensor data. Thanks to the application of dedicated Kalman filters, the sensor’s motion is converted into an angle value for both the X and Y axes. Signals are then made available to the end-user as 4-20 mA, RS485 and CAN outputs. The unit offers a ±60° full range for dynamic pitch and roll measurements.

Specifically designed to operate in stringent vibratory environments, one of the key parameters of our attitude sensor is its 25 Hz bandwidth. It can thus be installed close to engines, moving mechanics, shaking elements, and more. In addition to the ±60° dynamic pitch and roll output, the rate and acceleration signals delivered by the 6 gyrometers and accelerometers are also available as digital outputs, enabling the use of our sensor as a miniature IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit).

Compact, light and rugged with its aluminium frame and IP67 housing, Meggitt Sensorex’s dynamic tilt sensor is the ideal device for integration in semi- and fully-automated agricultural vehicles requiring continuous and accurate dynamic slope measurement for the monitoring and control of process efficiency, including grape and crop harvesters, fertilizing equipment, grain conveyers, forklift vehicles, shovels and dynamic weighing tools.

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