MEGGITT: High-performance MEMS digital tilt sensor

Meggitt, a leading supplier of vibration sensing products, introduces its digital tilt sensor, featuring state-of-the-art MEMS sensitive elements. Fully based on MEMS technology, it is available in single and twin axes versions.

Meggitt Sensorex Tilt SensorMeggitt’s engineers selected the best MEMS cells available on the market and associated them to the digital signal compensation and processing stage to obtain a tilt sensor that matches the key performances of servo-inclinometers, at an optimized cost. It achieves a maximum scale factor non-linearity error <0.05% full scale and a maximum scale factor thermal drift <0.01% full scale/°C. Bias thermal drift is below 0,01%FS/°C. Meggitt’s new MEMS tilt sensor achieves superior performances under vibrations (low bias rectification error, low noise) with the use of over-damped sensitive elements and a very innovative differential measurement principle. Furthermore, the sensitive elements are designed to withstand very high g shocks (200 g / 6 ms). Power supply can span from +4.5 to +30 VDC. This unit is available in 6 different ranges, ±3° / ±5.75° / ±8° / ±14.5° / ±30° / ±70°. Signals are made available to the end-user as 4-20 mA, RS485 and USB outputs. Specifically designed to operate in stringent vibratory environments, one of the key parameters of our MEMS tilt sensor is its adjustable bandwidth between 0,1Hz and 10Hz (thanks to a configurable digital filter). It can thus be installed close to engines, moving mechanics, shaking elements and more. Two connector types are available for easy installation - axial or radial. Compact, light (<220 grams) and rugged with an aluminium frame and IP67 housing, Meggitt Sensorex’s MEMS digital tilt sensor is the ideal device for integration in semi- and fully-automated agricultural vehicles requiring continuous and accurate angle measurements, including grape and crop harvesters, fertilizing equipment, forklift vehicles, shovels and GPS guided vehicles Visit Meggitt during MessTec & Sensor Masters at booth VIII/C for additional information on our new MEMS digital tilt sensor or visit our website,